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Unit Of Genetics And Biotechnology

Activity goals and directions:

  • The coordination of the conservation, documentation and research on horticultural crop genetic resources, research on genetic resources using molecular markers, evaluation of genetic diversity.
  • The development of scientific and theoretical basis for research on fruit crop heredity mechanisms and characterisation of breeding material by applying molecular genetics methods.
  • The development of scientific and theoretical basis for introduction of molecular genetics methods in breeding, the development and application of economically significant characteristic identification methods in breeding.

Scientific staff:

 Gunārs Lācis, Ph.D., head of unit, leading researcher (genetics, plant molecular biology)

 Līga Lepse, Dr. Agr., leading researcher (tissue cultures)

 Toms Bartulsons, M. Biol., assistant (plant molecular biology)

 Kristīne-Krista Lejniece, M. biol., assistant

Current projects:

  • State Research Programme "AgroBioRes" 2nd project "Biological processes influencing sustainable fruit growing and widening possibilities for use of by-products" (2014 - 2017) (project leader I. Moročko-Bičevska).
  • Collaborative research project with Latvian Council of Science "Scientific and technological developments for sustainable cultivation and comprehensive use of sea buckthorn" (2014 - 2017) (project leader D. Segliņa).
  • Research funded by the Latvian Council of Science "Studies on inheritance and diversity of apple and pear resistance to scab and characterization of races and population diversity of causal organisms – Venturia inequalis and Venturia pyrina" (2013 - 2016) (project leader G. Lācis).
  • Ministry of Agriculture project No. 110314/S38 “Evaluation of apple and raspberry breeding material for the introduction of integrated agricultural crop growing technologies” (project leader S. Strautiņa).