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International scientific conference "Non-marine snails and slugs: from extinction to invasion"

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in International scientific conference "Non-marine snails and slugs: from extinction to invasion", that will take place from 25th to 28th of August 2020 — in Riga, Latvia hosted by Institute of Horticulture, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in cooperation with Latvian Malacological Society.

The aim of the meeting is to bring together the latest advances in research on the non-marine snails and slugs, and to provide an opportunity for exchange information and ideas and stimulate joint research and collaboration.


Scope (preferred topics)


• Classic and molecular identification

• Cryptic species

• Phylogeny

• Genome sequencing

Biology and ecology

• Bionomics, phenology

• Role in ecosystems

• Reproductive strategies

• Relations to other organisms


• Distribution

• Conservation

• Biogeography

• Phylogeography

Invasive species and pests

• Emerging invasive species

• Problems with invasions and pests

• Quarantine species

• Restriction and management

Natural enemies and parasites

• Nematodes and other parasites

• Biological control

Citizen Science & gastropod research

• Citizen involvement

• Quality of Citizen Science

Snail farming

Fossil diversity

Official language

English is the official language of the conference.


Preliminary programme

Monday, August 24

  • Arrival and accommodation

Tuesday, August 25

  • Morning registration*
  • Opening
  • Announcements
  • Sessions of presentations

Wednesday, August 26

  • Sessions of presentations

Thursday, August 27

  • Sessions of presentations

Friday, August 28

  • Technical tour (field excursions)*

Participation fee (calculated in EUR)*


Early registration

Late registration

Ordinary fee



Fee for students**



* Invoices for the payment to each participant will be sent via e-mail after receiving the registration form.

** Document confirming the full-time student status required

Important dates

Next Announcement

9 March 2020

Closing date for early-bird registration and of registration fee

8 May 2020

Closing date for submission of abstracts

8 July 2020

Closing date for late registration and of registration fee

8 July 2020

Final programme and other information

3 August 2020

Submission of manuscript

31 August 2020

For details regarding workshop please contact:

Arturs Stalažs (secretary)  Email:
Tel.: +371-26 71 14 11  

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