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‘Celmiņu Dzeltenais’

Celmiņu Dzeltenais

This apple cultivar comes from the “Celmiņi” farm of Alsunga district Basi parish in Northwest Latvia. About 1895 an apple seedling was brought there in a flowerpot by the farmer's bride. It is believed to come from the seed of ‘Ananasrenette’. Neighbours soon noticed the good qualities of the cultivar and planted it in their orchards. Yet in the rest of Latvia it became known only after 1957, when it was described and widely recommended by the famous horticulturist Jānis Kārkliņš. The variety is tolerant to canker and excellently adapted to maritime climate with sandy soils. The fruits are soft and aromatic, ripen in September and can be eaten till January. The good name of the cultivar was harmed by its good storage – it does not rot or shrivel, and fruits are sold till late spring when the nice flavour is long lost.

Submitted on: 27/06/2019