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Unit Of Agronomic Research And Variety Testing

Goal: To develop and adapt environmentally friendly horticultural crop cultivation systems and technologies to provide sectoral aid in order to ensure production efficiency.

Activity directions:

  • Horticultural crop technology research, development, and adaptation for fruit crops (fruits and berries) and vegetables, incl. fruit crop training, propagation, risk-reducing technologies, provisions of growth conditions (soil moisture regulation, irrigation, orchard maintenance, covering systems);
  • Fruit tree, berry and vegetable cultivar and fruit tree rootstock, cultivar rootstock combination evaluation;
  • Horticultural crop physiology research and solutions - to improve winter-hardiness, to provide photosynthesis efficiency, plant growth, and production regulation;
  • Plant provisioning (incl. nutrients and moisture), study of soil resource, influence of soil properties and sustainable soil usage for horticultural crops;
  • Sectoral aid - incl. consultations, seminars, training, practical lessons.

Research directions that the unit is taking part in: 

  •  Diversification and breeding of horticultural crop cultivars suitable for Baltic Sea Region;
  •  Environmentally-friendly horticultural production systems;
  •  Storage and processing technologies of horticultural crops;
  •  Basic biological research for horticulture science


  • Edgars Rubauskis, Dr. Agr., head of unit, leading researcher
  • Daina Feldmane, Dr. Agr., leading researcher
  • Edīte Kaufmane, Dr. Biol., leading researcher
  • Ilze Grāvīte, Dr. Agr., leading researcher
  • Jānis Lepsis, Dr. Agr., leading researcher
  • Laila Ikase, Dr. Biol., leading researcher
  • Līga Lepse, Dr. Agr., leading researcher
  • Sarmīte Strautiņa, Dr. Biol., leading researcher
  • Valda Laugale, Dr. Agr., leading researcher
  • Baiba Lāce, Dr. Agr., researcher
  • Dzintra Dēķena, M. Agr., researcher
  • Ieva Kalniņa, M. Agr., researcher
  • Inese Drudze, M. Agr., researcher
  • Sandra Dane, M. Agr., researcher
  • Silvija Ruisa, Dr. Agr., researcher
  • Solvita Zeipiņa, M. Agr., researcher
  • Valentīna Pole, Dr. Agr. researcher
  • Edgars Cirša, M. Agr., assistant
  • Imants Missa, M. Agr., assistant
  • Katrīna Kārkliņa, B. Biol., laboratory technician
  • Kristīne Krista Lejniece, B. Biol., laboratory technician
  • Liene Sproģe, B. Agr., laboratory technician
  • Kitija Asmuse, laboratory technician
  • Daina Reveliņa, laboratory technician
  • Ieva Lakševica, laboratory technician
  • Ina Gocuļak, laboratory technician
  • Inta Gintere, laboratory technician
  • Inta Striebule, laboratory technician
  • Sanita Dzieviaciena, laboratory technician

Current projects:

 - Investigation of apple, plum and cherry cultivar and rootstock suitability and development of technologies for sustainable farming in different regions of Latvia (2015-2020)

 - Examination of perspective berry cultivars for integrated cultivation in different climatic regions of Latvia, as well as development and improvement of cultivation technologies (2015-2020)

 - State Research Programme Agricultural Resources for Sustainable Qualitative and Healthy Food Production in Latvia (AgroBioRes) project No. 2 "Biological processes influencing sustainable fruit growing and widening possibilities for use of by-products (FRUITS)"

 - Interereg Baltic Sea Region program project „Advancement of non-technological innovation performance and innovation capacity in fruit growing and processing sector in selected Baltic Sea Region countries” (InnoFruit) (2016 - 2019)

 - COST ACTION FA1204 Vegetable Grafting to Improve Yield and Fruit Quality

Collaboration partners: