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When the well-known Latvian breeders Roberts Āboliņš and Aleksandrs Maizītis from Madona district farm “Iedzēni” gave their hybrid for testing at Pure Research Station, they thought that it has too many drawbacks to become a named variety. The researcher Māra Skrīvele had a different opinion, and now the cultivar is grown in all Latvia. It was obtained in 1954 form a cross of cultivars ‘Sīpoliņš’ and ‘Ādamābele’. The variety ‘Iedzēnu’ has large, tasty and firm fruits with long storage, its tree is winter-hardy and tolerant to scab and canker. For all these reasons, growers forgive the difficult tree training and need for calcium sprays to prevent bitter pit on fruits. The cultivar was widely used in breeding, its 1st or 2nd generation descendants are new Latvian varieties ’Andris’, ‘Daina’, ‘Eksotika’, ‘Laila’, ‘Madona’, ‘Monta’, ‘Pure Ametist’, ‘Dace’, ‘Edite’, ‘Roberts’ and others.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019