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‘Jelgavas Vasaras’

Jelgavas Vasaras

We know almost nothing about the owner of “Planta” nurseries in Jelgava, named Hahn, in whose abandoned garden after the 2nd World War the horticulturist Antons Spolītis found an apple seedling with very tasty fruits. He called the foundling ‘Jelgavas Vasaras’, described it and in 1953 registered. The cultivar is quite widely grown in Latvian home gardens, but demands good care. If you thin out the fruits and spray against scab, the apples are excellent. Interestingly, now and then a branch with brightly blushed fruits is found in some tree. Unluckily this colour clone is unstable and, if you propagate it with grafting, you may get also trees with almost completely white apples.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019