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‘Lietuvos Pepinas’

Lietuvos Pepinas

Both Lithuanians and Belarussians think of this cultivar as their own. It is well-known also in Poland, where it is called ‘Glogierowka’. The origins of this old cultivar are unclear, as in the 18th century Lithuania, Belarus and Poland were a united state. The cultivar is very common in Latvian orchards and often called just “pippin”. As an old horticulturist once said in early 20th century, a well managed ‘Lietuvas Pepiņš’ was a real “gold mine”. But in the course of time fruits in old, poorly managed orchards became small and covered with scab, and the variety lost its good name. Now it seems to see a kind of renaissance, as the apples are considered very good for juice and winemaking.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019