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‘Mc Intosh’

Mc Intosh

This popular Canadian apple cultivar is almost unknown in Latvia, because its fruits do not reach the excellent flavour that they have at home. The history of the cultivar is long – it was obtained from the seeds of apple variety ‘Fameuse’ about year 1770. ‘McIntosh’ is widely grown in the south of Canada and regions with similar climate, but is very susceptible to fungal diseases. It has been very widely used in breeding, obtaining winter-hardy apple cultivars with high fruit quality. Its descendants are the well-known apples ‘Auksis’, ‘Cortland’, ‘Empire’, ‘Lobo’, ‘Melba’, ‘Orlik’, ‘Spartan’, columnar apple ‘Wijcik’ and many others. The “Apple” computers were named after this variety.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019