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Niedzwetzky apple

Nedzvecka ābele

The red-leaved Niedzwetzky apple-tree comes from Central Asia, where it originated as a natural mutation of the wild-growing Sievers apple. It is the great-grandmother of all red-leaved apples. Crossing it with other apple species, many ornamental varieties have been obtained. For many years breeders in all the world have tried to obtain red-leaved apples which would have also large and tasty fruits. The interest in red-flesh apples has greatly increased recently, and some success has been already gained - cultivars ‘Baya Marisa’, ’Red Love’ and others have quite good flavour. The genotype of Niedzwetzky apple in our collection comes from the orchard of breeder Pēteris Upītis.  

Submitted on: 27/06/2019