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‘Ničnera Zemeņu’

Ničnera Zemeņu

This is possibly the oldest apple variety of Latvian origin. There is information that trees of this cultivar grew at the “Mazmelderi” farm of Brukna parish already in late 18th century. During the following century the variety spread through the whole Zemgale region. About 1880 the gardener of Eleja manor called Ničners sent some apples to the German pomologist Ed. Lucas, who named the variety ‘Erdbeerapfel Nitschners’. Lucas died before he could publish the variety description, and it was done in 1896 by the well-known gardener of Riga Georg Kuphaldt. The cultivar remains a favourite till today for its large and tasty fruits. It grows and produces well in the fertile soils of Zemgale, but in unsuitable orchard sites is a poor bearer and suffers from canker. The variety has two colour clones – with dark purple and striped fruits. It is almost unknown outside Latvia.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019