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This old German cultivar dates back to 18th century and during centuries has gained numerous names. In Latvia it is known as ‘Muciņa’ or ‘Prinča ābols’, but in other countries as Flachapfel, Melonenapfel, Nonnenapfel, Schlotterapfel, Walzenapfel, Citronäpple, Flaskeaeble, Dynnoye, Knazheskoye and so on. Many names are linked with the oblong fruit shape. There are several clones and seedling varieties derived from it, from which the true ‘Prinzenapfel’ can be distinguished by hollow core of fruits. In Latvia it is found in old orchards of the western and southern part. Well-ripened fruits of the variety are aromatic and tasty, but unluckily the apples drop very easily when still not mature.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019