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‘Rēveles Bumbierābele’

Rēveles Bumbierābele

This variety, often called just “bumbierābele” which means “pear apple”, has become a native in Latvian orchards, but originates from Estonia. The cultivar was first described already in 1794 by the name ‘Revalischer [or] Rewaler Birnapfel’. Rewal is the German name of Estonian capital Tallinn, and in Estonia the variety is called ‘Tallinna Pirnõun’. As many locals know, these are beautiful, sweet and aromatic summer apples, but not very juicy. At present the cultivar is planted less, because the tree is upright, not very productive and may suffer from canker. It must also be remembered that not every apple called “pear apple” is this variety – a long time ago it was selected among other sweet early apples as the best.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019