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‘Rubin’ (Kazakhstan)


There are two apple cultivars with the same name ‘Rubin’. One is a winter variety originating from Czechia and is grown in European countries with warmer climate than Latvia, up to Lithuania, mostly in organic orchards. The other comes from Kazakhstan, ripens in autumn and is grown in commercial orchards of Latvia. To avoid misunderstanding, the country of origin is added to the cultivars name, but not always. Both cultivars have something in common – the tree crown is difficult to train, but that is all. The Kazakh cultivar produces very large, pink and tasty apples, but is susceptible to scab, and fruit skin suffers from scald in storage. The fruits of Czech ‘Rubin’ are striped, very tasty, but somewhat smaller and very little injured by scab. Both cultivars can be seen in the same orchard sector.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019