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‘Rudens Svītrainais’ (’Streifling Herbst’)

Streifling Herbst

In Latvia many know this cultivar best under the name “Gravenstein”, but this is no quite correct. The true ‘Gravensteiner’ is a variety originating in 17th century from the borderland of Germany and Denmark, and is not very winter-hardy. Our ‘Rudens Svītrainais’ is a 19th century variety of Baltic origin and one of the most winter-hardy apple cultivars. It is known under many names – ‘Livländischer Gravensteiner’, ‘Streifling Herbst’, ‘Autumn Streaked’, ‘Osenneye Polosatoye’ and others. The cultivar is very common in older orchards. The bad thing is that the fruits are tasty only if fully ripened on tree, and do not store long.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019