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‘Tabakas Ābols’

Tabakas Ābols

In 1914 the horticulturist Teodors Bētiņš wrote: ‘Plezio-saurus’ or tobacco apple, also under other name, is rather well-known known in Zemgale, as a variety without a distinct pomological name. The fruits are large [..], with rather strong bitter-tart taste, such as sometimes found in wild apple. The bitterness mostly disappears by spring. The tree is fully winter-hardy and does not suffer from fusicladium [i.e. scab], starts to bear early and bears very well. A valuable variety for cooking, especially baking, puddings etc., from January till April. For many years the cultivar seemed to be lost to Latvia, till in 2019 we received its grafts from Lithuania, where it still grows in old orchards.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019