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‘Vidzemes Zelta Renete’

Vidzemes Zelta Renete

In the end of 19th century, when this apple was first mentioned in writing, the north of Latvia and the south of Estonia were both included in the Livonian gubernia of Russian Empire. So, we cannot tell for certain the nationality of this cultivar. But let us agree with the Estonians who think that it most likely comes from Latvia. In Estonia it is called ‘Liivi Kuldrenett’, but outside our countries it is more widely grown in Kazakhstan under a false name ‘Renet Burhardta’. Evidently, a variety mix happened on the way to this distant country, because the true ‘Burchardt’s Renette’ is a clearly different cultivar with late ripening, russeted fruits. Our reinette, on the other side, is a bright yellow autumn apple with excellent flavour. This Baltic variety was used in breeding in Kazakhstan, obtaining cultivars well-known in our country - Rubin’ (Kazakh cultivar), ‘Saltanat’ and ‘Zailiyskoye’, which feel very comfortable in the land of their ancestor.

Submitted on: 20/06/2019