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Kew Gardens visits Institute of Horticulture

This week, representatives of the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Gardens) visited Latvia to get acquainted with the leading centers of horticulture in Latvia. During the visit, Richard Deverell, Director of the Royal Botanical Garden and Richard Barley, Director of Gardening, Training and Operations, visited both the Parks and Gardens of Riga and visited the Gardening Institute in Dobele. The Royal Botanical Garden received seven unique lilac cultivars as a gift.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in London have around 2 million visitors a year. It has tens of thousands of plant and mushroom varieties from all regions of the world. The Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the largest and most recognized botanical gardens in the world, contributing significantly to the scientific research of plants and mushrooms, informing the public and educating on the diversity of the natural world and taking care of the conservation of endangered species.

Photographer: Agris Šiliņš