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4th EUFRIN Plum and Prune WG meeting "Challenges of Plum Growing in Europe"

The 4th EUFRIN Plum and Prune WG meeting "Challenges of Plum Growing in Europe" was held in Latvia from 4 to 7 September in the framework of the Institute of Horticulture.

Since 2006 such events have been organized with an aim for researchers from the European Fruit-Growing Research Organization EUFRIN Plum Research Group to meet more often than once every four years in the ISHS Symposium. The first meeting, which in fact was a scientific conference, took place in the Czech Republic, then Romania organized the meeting in 2010 and Greece in 2015.

4th Plum Working Group meeting was organized by the Institute of Horticulture at the LUA Center for Bioeconomics and Sustainable Resources Management in Jelgava. The meeting was attended by around 30 scientists from 9 countries. During the conference, numerous reports were presented on plum selection, trials of varieties and rootstocks in various climatic zones, agrotechnical, storage and processing studies. The results of the research of the Institute of Horticulture were presented by E.Kaufmane, I.Graudīte, L.Ikase, D.Dēķene, V.Radenkovs and P.Gornas. It was a great pleasure for us that Latvia was visited by the European leading plum breeder from Germany, Walter Hartmann, whose breeds are widely grown in many European countries, and in experiments since 2006 - also in Dobele. The participants of the conference very much appreciated the familiarization with Institute of Horticulture work by visiting garden trials, laboratories, as well as tasting more than 40 different plum cultivars, 5 different varieties of croutons, plums and others. On the last day of the event participants also had the opportunity to visit the plum commercial facilities in Alūksne and Mālpils.