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Suitability of currantand gooseberry cultivars to different growing technologies

Project No.
18-00-A00102-000028, LAD līguma Nr. LAD 240118/P8 (Lote Nr. 7)
Beginning of the Project
End of the project
Project Manager
Involved employees

Purpose of the demonstration: practical demonstration and information of the suitability of currant and gooseberry cultivars for different growing  technologies (cultivars, growing technologies, plant protection).

Demonstration tasks:

  • Demonstrate and perform cultivar evaluation of black currants in organic growing system;
  • Demonstrate and perform cultivar evaluation of black currant in integrated growing system;
  • Demonstrate and carry out the evaluation of red  currant cultivars in the integrated growing  system;
  • Demonstrate and carry out cultivar evaluation of gooseberries in integrated growing systemtem.

Farms and organizations involved in the demonstration: Krogzeme Ltd. (Limbažu county), ZS Mucenieki (Saldus county), ZS Staķi (Ķekavas county), ZS Ķentēni (Ogres county), Latvian Orchardman Association.

The project is co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).


Amount of Funding
75 000 EUR
Source of Funding
National funding
Institute's Role
Project leading institution
Published: 14/03/2018