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Sustainable Fruit Growing: From Plant to Product 2012



2nd International Scientific Conference

„Sustainable Fruit Growing: From Plant to Product”

Riga-Dobele, August 22-24, 2012


Opening session

E.Kaufmane, E.Rubauskis, M.Skrīvele, S.Strautiņa. Situation and development of fruit science and commercial fruit production in Latvia

Session 1: Orchard management and variety testing

S.PlutaRecent situation in the blackcurrant production and breeding in Poland

E.Zurawicz. Strawberry and raspberry research and production in Poland

D.Šterne, M.Liepniece, M.Āboliņš, R.Sausserde, B.Grīnberga. Evaluation of winter hardiness and productivity of highbush blueberry cultivars in Latvia

A.Sasnauskas, T.Siksnianas, V.Stanys, M.Rubinskiene, Č.Bobinas. Agronomical characters of introduced new blackcurrant cultivars

J. Lepsis, T. Univer, D. Kviklys. Evaluation of pear rootstocks in project "Baltic Fruit Rootstock Studies".

D.Feldmane. Effect of drip irrigation and woodchip mulch on young sour cherry growth and yield

S.Shiukhi, M.Raeini, V.Chalavi. Colored plastic mulch microclimates affect strawberry fruit yield and quality

S.Bidaki, V.Chalavi, H.Pirdashty. Fertigation timing and vermicompost affect vegetative growth of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Session 2: Processing and storage

J.-T.Moersel. Developments in seabuckthorn processing

K.Rutkowski. The influence of pre-and post-harvest factors on storage disorders of apples and pears.

K.Tiirmaa, N.Univer, T.Univer. Changes of internal quality of some apple cultivars stored in normal and controlled atmosphere in Estonia

Session 3: Breeding and Genetics

Z.A.Kazlouskaya, T.A.Hashenka, V.V.Vaseha, A.A.Yarmolich. Breeding of new apple cultivars in Belarus

S.Strautiņa, V.Laugale, I.Kalniņa, I.Krasnova, D.Segliņa, K.Kampuss. Results of small fruit breeding in Latvia

G.LācisApplication of molecular genetics methods for fruit crop genetical resources characterization in Latvia.

T.V.Zhidykhina, O.S.Rodyukova, V.Laugale. Blackcurrant breeding at I.V.Michurin All-Russia Research Institute for Horticulture and performance of some cultivars in Latvia conditions

V.A.Vysotsky, L.V.Alekseenko. The use of biotechnological technique for creating of new genotypes of horticultural plants.

Session 4: Plant protection

E.Montesinos. Biocontrol of pome fruit tree diseases: Past achievements, future prospects and limitations.

A.Kāle, N.Pūpola, A.Gospodaryk and I.Moročko-Bičevska. Establishment of nuclear stock collections for pome fruits in Latvia

R.Tamosiunas, L.Duchovskiene, A.Valiuskaite. Monitoring sawfly populations in plum and apple orchards using visual traps.

A.Stalažs. Psyllids (Psyllidae: Hemiptera) on fruit plants in Latvia