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Sustainable Fruit Growing: From Plant to Product 2016



Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Kaufmane E.,  Skrīvele M.,  Segliņa D. - Institute of Horticulture in the context of fruit industry in Latvia

Session 1 Plant genetics, genetic resources and breeding
Badek B., Korbin M., Pluta S. - Analysis of selected Ribes genotypes diversed in their resistance to blackcurrant gall mite (Cecidophyopsis ribis) using SSR markers
Benediková D.,  Benková M., Čičová I. ,  Glasa M. - The old cherry genotypes in Slovakia — monitoring and evaluation
Ikase L.,  Lācis G. - Apple genetic resources in Latvia — history, current situation and perspectives
Drudze I. - Possibilities for wider use of Sorbus spp. in commercial orchards using the collection of genetic resources available in Latvia

Session 2 Orchard management and cultivar testing
Ikase L.,  Rubauskis E., Rezgale Z. - Evaluation results of Finnish apple rootstocks in Latvia
Nissinen M.,  Kauppinen S.,  Kinnanen H. - Foreign fruit cultivars suitable for Finnish climate — preliminary experiences and recommendations
Sitarek M. - Performance of sweet cherry ‘Regina’ on nine clonal rootstocks
Feldmane D.,  Ruisa S.,  Pole V.,  Butac M.,  Militaru M. - Fruit set of sour cherry cultivars grown in Latvia

Session 3 Plant protection
Ralle B., Ozoliņa-Pole L., Herz A., Penvern S., Warlop F., Porcel M., Tchamitchian M., Pfiffner L., Jamar L., Kruczyńska D., Korsgaard M., Kelderer M., Sigsgaard L. - Functional agrobiodiversity in apple pest management in Latvia — what do we know
Nagyová A., Sihelská N., Nováková S., Predajňa L., Glasa M. - In vitro micrografting of different Prunus species with two cherry-adapted strains of Plum pox virus
Valiuškaitė A., Uselis N., Kviklys D., Lanauskas J., Rasiukevičiūtė N. - The effect of sustainable plant protection and apple management for fruit quality
Konavko D., Jundzis M., Vēvere K., Moročko-Bičevska I. - 
The pathogenicity of Pseudomonas syringae on various species of fruit trees and other related hosts

Session 4 Fruit quality, harvesting and postharvest technologies
Konopacka D., Rutkowski K.P. - Food safety — challenges and opportunities for innovations in fruit storage and processing
Radenkovs V., Kaufmane E., Rubauskis E., Segliņa D. - Preliminary results on the effect of 1-methylcyclopropene on quality of plums grown in Latvia
Kviklys D., Liaudanska M., Viškelis J., Buskienė L., Lanauskas J., Uselis N., Janulis V. -Composition and content of phenolic compounds of apple cultivar ‘Auksis’ on various rootstocks
Mirzamat O., Jonibek K., Anvarjon T., Hasan B., Ismonali T. - Development of pre- and post-harvest drying technologies for selected raisin grape cultivars in Uzbekistan

4th European Workshop on Seabuckthorn EuroWorkS 2016

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Brūvelis A. - Seabuckthorn in Latvia — development trends
Brūvelis A. - Growing of seabuckthorn in Latvia (video presentation)

Session 1 Harvesting and product quality
Mörsel J.-T. - Actual tasks in seabuckthorn research and business
Kauppinen S. - Seabuckthorn leaves and the process of novel food evaluation
Galitsyn G.U., Kreymer V.K. - Breeding of seabuckthorn for biomass
Gradt I., Kühn S., Mörsel J.-T., Zvaigzne G. - Chemical composition of seabuckthorn leaves, branches and buds
Jensen K. - Simple and cheap equipment for small scale production of seabuckthorn

Session 2 Plant health, pests and diseases
Stalažs A., Balalaikins M. - Distribution of Rhagoletis batava in Europe: review
Konavko D., Stalažs A., Sokolova O., Jundzis M., Balalaikins M., Moročko-Bičevska I. - A survey on diseases and pests of seabuckthorns grown in Latvia
Lundquist P.-O., Shah S.R., Plaksina T., Sriskandarajah S., Agback P. - Root traits of seabuckthorn