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The diversification and breeding of horticultural crop cultivars suitable for Baltic Sea Region

Research aim - development and selection of cultivars adapted to the Baltic Sea region with adequate ecological plasticity, productivity, product quality, resistance to diseases and pests.

Research topics:

  • The breeding of cultivars that are adapted to the agro-climatic conditions of the Baltic Sea region, the breeding of cultivars of primary fruit crop cultures (apples, raspberries) that are highly resistant or immune to pests and diseases;
  • Introduction of molecular marker-based breeding for priority fruit crop cultures;
  • Study of the phenotypic reaction of perspective genotypes of priority fruit crop cultures on low temperatures in natural and controlled environments for accelerated evaluation of winter-hardiness and phenotypic plasticity;
  • The characterisation, genotyping and diversity analysis of horticultural crops' genetic resources and raw breeding material;
  • Use of horticultural crops' genetic resources for cultivar selection diversification and breeding, the assessment of storage and processing method suitability;
  • Monitoring of emergence of new Venturia inaequalis races and potential of overcoming resistance;
  • Introduction of rare vegetable species in Latvia;
  • Initial testing of hybrids, introducible cultivars and rootstocks, incl. fruit chemical composition compatibility assessment for various methods of consumption.


Units of LatHort involved in research: