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Kew's arboretum visits Institute of Horticulture

Lilac Garden

Image author: No DI arhīva

Richard Deverell, Director of Kew and Richard Barley, Director of Horticulture, Training and Operations at Kew Gardens will visit Latvia in September 3rd-4th to receive a gift - the collection of seven unique lilac cultivars: 'Daudzpusīgais Zemzars', 'Gaistošais Sapnis', 'Kristīne Baltpurviņa', 'Liega', 'Mazais Princis', 'Pērle' un 'Vita'.

The variety of lilac cultivars, created by the prominent breeder and gardener Pēteris Upītis (1896-1976) and breeder Laimonis Kārkliņš (1923-2005) will be presented to Kew Gardens on September 4th in Lilac garden.

Submitted on: 31/08/2018