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Green technologies


Image author: No DI arhīva

Due to costly and detrimental environmental and health impacts, the application of environmentally friendlier solvents in analytical chemistry has become a crucial area of focus. Beginning at the extraction step all the way to the separation procedure – greener solutions are in demand. However, it is obvious that there are several challenges to establish green technologies especially in analytical chemistry such as instrumental costs, limited tools, or reproducibility. 


In line with Albert Einstein words “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” we have taken the challenge and presently more frequently are implemented environmental- and health-friendly solvents such as water, ethanol, ethyl lactate, and supercritical CO2 for the extraction and separation of bioactive compounds.

'Green' extraction is supported by different technological solutions as ultrasounds, supercritical fluid, and high-pressure solid/liquid extra ctors, and a supercritical  fluid chromatography technique.

Submitted on: 02/10/2020