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Successful cooperation with large manufacturers


Image author: No DI arhīva

Equipping the laboratory with a modern and sensitive system such as liquid chromatography and supercritical fluid chromatography with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (LC-MS-QQQ and SFC-MS-QQQ) allowed for close cooperation with a local, one of the largest producers of grain products "Dobeles Dzirnavnieks" in the Baltic countries.


The bio-products gaining popularity, are more and more often chosen by the consumer, due to health reasons. Therefore, collecting large quantities of grains/beans from different suppliers free of contaminations is a great challenge, especially when plant material from different deliveries/suppliers needs to be stored in the same silo (potential possibility of cross-contaminations).

In order to meet this challenge, not only accurate and sensitive methods but also the rapid flow of information from the lab to the manufacturer with the results of analyses (often less than 24 hours) is required, which is in the range of our scientific team. Presently, due to successful cooperation in last season, accreditation of the laboratory is in the process.


Submitted on: 09/10/2020