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Growing opportunities of new plum cultivars in different regions of Latvia with innovative tree training system

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Project of The Rural Support Service, Sub-Event “Support for the Development of New Products, Methods, Processes and Technologies” (Collaboration 16.2)  “Growing opportunities of new plum cultivars in different regions of Latvia with innovative tree training system.”

Institute is as scientific partner (methodology of project, planting schema, tree training system, consulting, collecting of data and measurements). 

The aim of project is introducing new and non-farmed breeding technologies in combination with the introduction of new, non-verified plum cultivars, checking their growth and production opportunities.

Check the differences between the integrated and organic growing system. Research farm has been selected in different regions of Latvia (Zemgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme). It will be possible to get acquainted with the results of the research on the informative held days at the farms (see the progress of the project implementation); Recommendations on the development of innovative technology in crowns will be regularly handed over to Latvian commercial growers; as an educational study presented / demonstrated to students of agricultural secondary schools, students of the Faculty of Agriculture of Latvia University of Agriculture, consulting service of Latvia and other horticultural issues. 


Project partners:

  • Leader partner: The training and research farm of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies "Vecauce";
  • Farm „Cīrulīši”; (integrated orchard)
  • Individual person Kristīne Kaņepēja (biological orchard)

Benefits for the horticultural sector - to restore the plum cultivation traditions in Latvia by introducing advanced technologies and new varieties in integrated and organic fruit growing. Project results will be published at the final stage. Information about the progress of the project and field days will be published on the EIB network and on the homepage of Horticulture Institute.

Amount of Funding: 92102,76 Euro (part of LatHort 27185,06)

Keeping of documentation: 31.12.2028.


Amount of Funding
92102,76 EUR
Source of Funding
National funding
Institute's Role
Submitted on: 15/10/2020