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Program for the conservation of horticultural crop genetic resources

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The Institute of Horticulture (LatHort) maintains and uses the widest collection of horticultural genetic resources in Latvia. The collection contains 1342 cultivars bred in Latvian and individual forms with a special importance to the breeding; local cultivars, landraces, introduced cultivars grown in Latvian for a long time, as well as samples of wild relatives of crops grown in Latvia.

Samples of genetic resources are maintained according to the methods of safe preservation, samples of the research group (Latvian cultivars, hybrids created in Latvia, evaluated clones, lines with valuable quantitative or qualitative characteristics and landraces) are duplicated. This is necessary to ensure field collections against possible losses due to various climatic, disease and pest threats.

PGRs are stored only in ex situ (field) collections - the orchard. There are 2 copies for each sample of tree plants, 3 copies for shrubs (including Japanese quince) and grapes, 10 copies for rootstocks, raspberries and 30 copies for strawberries. The PGR collection is maintained in accordance with its agro-technological requirements, but there is always a risk of damage to the collection or individual samples due to meteorological conditions. Therefore, for security reasons, Group 1 samples are backed up - in the Basic collection and in the Backup collection.

The LatHort genetic collections are located in two locations:

  • Basic collection of fruit crop genetic resources - Dobele, Graudu iela 1, Ceriņi, Krimūnu pagasts, Dobeles novads, LV-3701;
  • Duplicate collection of fruit crop genetic resources and collection of vegetative propagated vegetables - Pūre, Abavas iela 2, Pūre, Tukuma novads, LV-31
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33361.62 EUR
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National funding
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Project leading institution
Submitted on: 31/01/2020