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Smart complex of information systems of specialized biology lexis for the research and preservation of linguistic diversity

Project No.
Beginning of the Project
End of the project
Project Manager
Silga Sviķe (Ventspils University)

Involved employees from 2021: Olga Sokolova, Dmitrijs Konavko, Anna Kosinkina, Vija Bārdiņa un Zane Bārdiņa

Project objective: To create a multifunctional database system for preserving, researching and applied biology special lexis.

The project background: Lexis related to nature and living organisms has accumulated over several centuries. The volume of published work has grown with each passing decade, and it is difficult to keep track of everything that has been published. Therefore, in order to be able to use the biological terms published so far for scientific and applied purposes, it is planned to create a multifunctional database system for preservation, research and applied use of special biology lexis during the project. During the project, a database system will be created for various purposes of storing and using terms, which will also include statistical and comparison possibilities. The database system is planned for both registered and unregistered users, offering registered users the opportunity to create their own personal databases, with the possibility to publish their data. The database system will be developed in several directions, depending on different groups of terms and language correspondences, but the priority group of terms during the project will be a database of names of organisms and diseases caused by them, with emphasis on Latvian lexis. At the end of the project, the newly created multifunctional database system will be available in open access mode to all interested parties in the world.

Target audience: Scientists, industry specialists, authors of books and articles, administrations of different countries, translators, as well as anyone else who may need to use the names of organisms in their daily work, as well as other terminology related to biology.

Novelty: The multifunctional database system planned during the project will be the first such a database system in the world, which will provide both multilingual capabilities and scientific side — linking terms and their definitions (or names of organisms) with information about the source of information. Also, for the first time, statistical analysis of the use of terms, as well as comparative opportunities, will be provided for the needs of terminologists and linguists.

Expected results: In addition to the multifunctional database system developed during the project, it is planned to prepare one peer-reviewed monograph, as well as more than 10 scientific articles, including articles in international scientific journals indexed in the SCOPUS and Web of Science databases.

Benefits for the staff involved in the project: The project involves students and young scientists, who during the project will have the opportunity to gain experience in practical work (gathering information, programming) and participate in the creation of a completely new generation of lexical information database. Information needed to work with modern methods in the field of linguistics and terminology, preparing already high-level scientific publications.

Institution managing the project: Ventspils University
The project is funded by: Latvian Science Council


Amount of Funding
300000.00 EUR
Source of Funding
National funding
Institute's Role
Submitted on: 20/12/2020