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Evaluation of apple and raspberry breeding material for the introduction of integrated growing technologies of agricultural crops

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From 02.05.2019. No.10.9.1.-11/19/192
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Project aim: Perform an evaluation of apple and raspberry selection material in order to obtain new varieties suitable for Latvian conditions  and integrated cultivation technologies.

Project activities:

  1. Using the breeding material created  under the Institute's apple and raspberry breeding programme, carry out evaluation of 2835 apple and raspberry hybrids per year for signs of importance for breeding and growing and processing technologies;
  2. Organise informative events providing the opportunity for representatives of the Association and other farmers toget information about  the apple  and raspberry breeding  material and to receive advice from the breeders 
  3. Ensure public access to the results of the evaluation on the Institute's home page 
  4. Prepare  a  report of the evaluation of apple and raspberry breeding material for the implementation of integrated crop production technologies and submit it to the Association by 20 January of the following year.

The  purpose for the breeding of apples carried out by LatHort is to acquire and distribute apple varieties suitable for the conditions of Latvia:

  • with high fruit quality (includes the appearance, taste, biochemical composition and storage of fruit products), with different uses
  • with  high winterhardiness , productive and regularly producing, easily maintained tree (compact habit, minimal pruning, low need for fruit thinning, etc.)
  • with complex resistance to diseases of apple trees that are important in Latvia (scab, canker, rots, mildew).

The  Institute of Horticulture (LatHort)  has developed a raspberry selection programme aimed at obtaining and distributing raspberry varieties suitable for Latvian conditions with the following characteristics:

  • high agronomic plasticity (high adaptability to agro-climatic conditions),
  • with suitable berries for fresh consumption and processing of with high-quality chemical composition; 
  • with complex resistance to raspberry diseases and pests that are important in Latvia.
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Submitted on: 04/07/2017