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INnovative TEchnologies for REcovery of valuable compounds from agri-food and seafood side STreams for food applications (INTEREST)

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The project goal is to prepare and submit a joint project within the EU research and innovation support program Horizon Europe framework by strengthening cooperation and joint research within the framework, using the strengths of each partner (LatHort, EMU and NTNU) – equipment, experience and ideas – as well as searching for more partners, especially in the field of regulatory aspects, public health, nanotechnology and zero-waste economy.

Three activities have been proposed to achieve the goal of the project:

  1. Introduction and ideas of the common project.
  2. Planning.
  3. Horizon Europe project proposal preparation. All partners will be involved in all aspects of the project design, providing in-kind contributions, such as knowledge and experience, and communicating with project partners, including local companies, as well as attracting new partners for future common Horizon Europe projects and supporting project preparations. 

The main result of the project execution: one joint project within the framework of the EU research and innovation support program Horizon Europe will be prepared and submitted. 


Project coordinator: Institute of Horticulture (LatHort, Latvia), contact person: Dalija Segliņa, 

Project partners: 

Source of Funding: The EEA and Norway Grants

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50000 EUR
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Submitted on: 01/08/2023