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Investigation of apple, plum and cherry cultivar and rootstock suitability and development of technologies for sustainable farming in different regions of Latvia

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Project objective: to evaluate in different regions of Latvia and select new apple, plum and cherry cultivars and rootstocks for integrated and organic production; develop their technologies, thereby creating the potential for economically efficient and sustainable production.

Tasks of the project:

  • To assess the winterhardiness, growth and production of the new fruit crop cultivars in the in all regions of Latvia.
  • To investigate the virus free material influence on apple growth and productivity.
  • To select the most suitable cultivar and rootstock combinations, as well as the most suitable canopy training technology, orchard system for new apple cultivars.
  • To assess the impact of nitrogen fertilizer and its types of supply on growth and production of apple trees.
  • In cooperation with the Lithuanian horticulture Institute, to perform comparisons of plum rootstocks of different Western European origin, as well as the selection of planting distances corresponding to cultivar and rootstock combinations, investigations of plum canopy training technologies.
  • To evaluate performance of sweet cherry rootstocks.


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Submitted on: 29/06/2017