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Sustainable Fruit Growing: From Plant to Product 2008


“Sustainable Fruit-Growing: From Plant to Product”

Jūrmala - Dobele, May 28-31, 2008




 E.Rubauskis, S.Strautiņa. Overview of fruit and berry growing in E.Kaufmane,Skrīvele M.,Latvia.

Oral session A ”Fruit and berry breeding and variety testing for sustainable production”

Chair – Viktor Trajkovski, Sarmīte Strautiņa

Benedikova D. Results of Slovak apricot breeding program for growing production.

Pluta S., E.Zurawicz. Dessert cultivars of blackcurrant – a new breeding aim at the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice.

Sasnauskas A., D.Gelvonauskiene, B.Gelvonauskis, P.Viškelis. Productivity and fruit quality of Lithuanian apple selections.

Oral session B ” Research of fruit crop genetic resources for use in production and breeding

Chair – Daniela Benedikova, Laila Ikase

Kikas A., K.Kask, H.Jänes, T.Univer, A.Libek, L.Arus, K.Tiirmaa, H.Kaldmäe. Fruit crop genetic resources in the Estonian University of Life Science.

Lācis G., S.Ruisa, I.Kota. Molecular marker application in breeding of self- and cross-compatible sweeet cherry (P.avium L.) varieties.

Oral session C ”Orchard management for sustainable fruit production”

Chair – Eduard Zurawicz, Māra Skrīvele

Doruchowski G., R.Holownicki, P.Balsari, P.Marucco, J.van den Zande, M.Wanneker.Development of crop adapted spray application system for orchards – Project ISAFRUIT.

Borkowska B., D.Krzewinska, I.Teodorczyk. The role of mycorrhization in sustainable fruit production.

Pluta S., E.Zurawicz. Suitability of the new Polish blackcurrant cultivars for mechanical fruit harvesting.

Vétek G., B.Penzes. The possibilities of organic raspberry production - setting a Hungarian example.

Oral session D ”Environment-friendly plant protection in orchards”

Chair – Maria Lopez, Dalija Segliņa

Lopez M.M., P.Llop, J.Peñalver, C.Morenete, A.Palacio, M.Roselló, M.A.Cambra. Delaying the losses of fire blight by long-term eradication: the Spanish experience.

 A.Kāle, I.Moročko-Bičevska. Occurence of viruses in apple and pear orchards in Pūpola N.,Latvia.

, M.Eihe, L.Vilka. Experience and results of apple scab simulation model RIMpro adoption in practice in Rancāne R.Latvia.

Oral session E „Fruit and berry storage, quality and biochemical studies.

Development of fruit and berry products with improved nutritional value”

Chair – Maria Lopez, Dalija Segliņa

Yurdugul S. Medlar vinegar: from a common fruit to a less-known product: certain bacteriological, chemical and physical characteristics.

Kampuse S., D.Segliņa, I.Krasnova, G.Heidemane, I.Dukaļska. The effect of packaging materials and technologies on the storage time of fresh black currants.


Post-conference tour:

Visit to Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing at Dobele - orchards, lilac collection, research facilities. Presentation of Institute (E. Kaufmane, director).