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Karina Juhņeviča-Radenkova

Structural unit
Unit of Processing and Biochemistry
Dr. sc. ing.
Activity directions
  • Development of technological approaches for more efficient and rational use of the plant-derived by-products for the production of innovative food products
  • Elaboration of environmentally friendly packaging and coating materials from renewable resources to extend the shelf-life of fresh fruit
  • Research on the shelf-life extension of fresh fruit by applying 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) as a pre-treatment method and the use of ultra-low oxygen (ULO) storage conditions
  • A comprehensive examination of physical and chemical properties (firmness, total acids and soluble solids content) and sensory quality of apple fruit
  • The accomplishment of plant origin raw material, processed product and by-product microbiological analysis
Major accomplishments

5 major scientific publications:

The 5 major popular scientific publications:

  • K. Juhņeviča-Radenkova, I. Drudze. Ābolu gatavības pakāpes noteikšana. (Piel. “Augļu un dārzeņu uzglabāšanas knifi”) (Determination of apple maturity stage) (Annex “Fruit and vegetable storage tricks”). AgroTops Nr.8 (2019), 3.-6.lpp. ISSN 1407-5164.
  • K. Juhņeviča-Radenkova, I. Drudze. Ābolu uzglabāšanas tehnoloģijas. (Piel. “Augļu un dārzeņu uzglabāšanas knifi”) (Apple storage technologies) (Annex “Fruit and vegetable storage tricks”). AgroTops Nr.8 (2019), 6.-12.lpp. ISSN 1407-5164.
  • K. Juhņeviča-Radenkova. Aizvadītās sezonas ābolu glabāšanas īpatnības (Last season's apple storage peculiarities). AgroTops. Nr.6 (2018), 77.-78.lpp. ISSN 1407-5164.
  • K. Juhņeviča-Radenkova. Ābolu gatavības noteikšanas metodes (Methods for the determination of maturity stage of apples). AgroTops. Nr.8 (2017), 72.-73.lpp. ISSN 1407-5164. 
  • K. Juhņeviča-Radenkova. Ko dod augļu glabāšana kontrolētā atmosfērā? (The benefits of storing fruit in a controlled atmosphere). AgroTops. Nr.10 (201), 71.-74.lpp ISSN 1407-5164.