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Studies on Ribes plants, Cecidophyopsis mites and Blackcurrant Reversion virus for sustainable resistance breeding and cultivation of Ribes

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Project partner: Dr. biol. Ina Baļķe (Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Centre)

Project summary:
The cultivation of plants of the genus Ribes is significantly affected by Cecidophyopsis ticks and Blackcurrant reversion virus (BRV). The breeding programs focus only on C. ribis and two resistance genes. Research shows that other species of Cecidophyopsis are also widespread, thus explaining the detected contradictions of host resistance. 

The aim of the project is to explain the interaction of the Cecidophyopsis-BRV complex on Ribes plants:

1) by studying the concept and genetic diversity of the Cecidophyopsis species;

2) identifying the role of the Cecidophyopsis species in BRV transmission;

3) characterization of host defence to Cecidophyopsis and BRV using gene expression and transcriptome analyses by NGS;

4) by inventory and evaluation of local Ribes germplasm. The gained knowledge, evaluated local germplasm and virus-free in-vitro collection of local genotypes will serve the basis for sustainable resistance breeding and cultivation of Ribes promoting development of knowledge-based bioeconomy.

The implementation of the project will provide new knowledge for sustainable resistance breeding and growing of Ribes plants, at the same time increasing the number of scientific publications in internationally peer-reviewed journals and developing scientific capacity in agriculture and biotechnology. Performers are state research institutes that guarantee the public access of results (scientific publications, reports in scientific conferences) and the dissemination of knowledge to the industry (popular scientific publications, presentations in seminars, information in public databases). The project will support a continuation of started research on Cecidophyopsis mites and BRV, and initiated advanced studies in cooperation of both institutions in plant genetics, pathology, molecular biology and metagenomic analysis of environmental samples providing prerequisites for preparation of peer-reviewed publications.

Information published 01.03.2019. 


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522 994,99 Euro
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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
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Submitted on: 16/07/2019